April 9, 2019

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I Think I Broke the Format (Treasure Constructed, 4-Colour Mono-Red, MTGArena – ChompydaChupacabra)

Hey, today I’m going to be playing a really weird Mono-Red Burn deck that splashes three other colours in Treasure Constructed on Arena.

Because you get a Treasure Token on each of your upkeeps, you can splash a bunch of colours while playing 14 basic mountains and just use the treasures to make the other colours of mana.

4-Colour Mono-Red Burn

Creatures (20)
Ghitu Lavarunner
Fanatical Firebrand
Runaway Steam-Kin
Viashino Pyromancer
Electrostatic Field
Inspiring Cleric

Instants and Sorceries (22)
Healing Grace
Lightning Strike
Collision // Colossus
Drill Bit
Skewer the Critics
Light up the Stage
Wizard’s Lightning

Enchantments (4)
The Flame of Keld
Experimental Frenzy

Lands (14)
14 Mountain

If you have any cool Treasure Constructed decks, please leave them in the comments.

Thanks for watching (but don’t expect me to 5-0 again because it ain’t happening).