March 27, 2014

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Top 8 at Vancouver CMT2014

Mike Suh makes top 8 at the Canadian Magic Tour in Vancouver calling upon Rakdos Devotion to Black. Deck list here. Canadian Magic Tour – Vancouver March 22 2014.
Top 8 Mike Suh

Rakdos Devotion to Black

Creatures (16)
Desecration Demon
Gray Merchant of Asphodel
Nightveil Specter
Pack Rat

Lands (25)
Blood Crypt
13 Swamp
Temple of Malice

Spells (19)
Hero’s Downfall
Magma Jet
Underworld Connections

Side-board (15)
Bile Blight
Devour Flesh
Erebos, God of the Dead
Lifebane Zombie