March 19, 2014

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2nd at Winnipeg CMT2014

Michael He claims second place at the Canadian Magic Tour in Winnipeg piloting BW Midrange. Deck list here. Canadian Magic Tour – Winnipeg March 8 2014.
Second Place – Michael He

BW Midrange

Creatures (8)
Blood Baron of Vizkopa
Pack Rat

Lands (25)
Godless Shrine
Orzhov Guildgate
10 Swamp
Temple of Silence

Spells (27)
Bile Blight
Desecration Demon
Devour Flesh
Elspeth, Sun’s Champion
Hero’s Downfall
Underworld Connections
Ultimate Price

Side-board (15)
Dark Betrayal
Doom Blade
Lifebane Zombie
Obzedat, Ghost Council