April 7, 2014

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3rd at Montreal CMT2014

Mark Fallarme place 3rd at the WizardTower.com Canadian Magic Tour in Montreal with Hot Sauce. Deck list here.
WizardTower.com Canadian Magic Tour – Montreal April 5 2014.
3rd Place Mark Fallarme

Hot Sauce

Creatures (8)
Ash Zealot
Chandra’s Phoenix

Lands (23)
Boros Guildgate
10 Mountain
Sacred Foundry
Temple of Triumph

Spells (29)
Boros Charm
Chained to the Rocks
Lightning Strike
Magma Jet
Searing Blood
Warleader’s Helix

Side-board (15)
Boros Reckoner
Chained to the Rocks
Mizzium Mortars
Peak Eruption
Toil // Trouble
Wear // Tear