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January 19, 2017

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Next Level Analysis: 6 Cards to Look for in Limited

Hello, and welcome to this weeks instalment of Next Level Analysis. I am back from my holiday and Grand Prix break and with the release of Aether Revolt this Friday, I want to look at 6 cards you want to draft the most in this triple Aether Revolt format. My opinions will all come from cards I saw at my local Pre-Release where myself and Cody Jones, a player from Massena, NY tied for first and split the prize. I will give each card a grade between 1 and 5 with 1 being unplayable and 5 being a limited all-star. I will not be including any rares as these are situational. Without further anticipation let’s look at the cards.

Unbridled Growth

This card is great for both mana fixing and gives you a way to trigger revolt. Plus, at just one mana, this card lets you draw a card in the future. I played this card in sealed and used it to enable revolt every game where I saw it. I think this card is well deserving of a rating of 5 as it has synergies with all types of cards and will help you out in almost every situation even if it’s just a redraw for one green mana late game.

Lifecraft Awakening

This card is just insane in the early and late game. With such an artifact heavy set, something that can turn a utility card such as any of the Implements into a huge creature is great value. My favourite combo of pre-release weekend was using this card with Walking Ballista and using the additional counters to kill of small creature on my opponents field before overtaking them for the win. With that in mind I would give this card a rating of 4 as you have to have enough artifacts for the card to work well.

Countless Gears Renegade

This card seems solid if you are able to consistently pull off revolt. Being able to create a 2/2 and a 1/1 for just two mana seems very good. I think that white is a very strong colour in this set and this card shouldn’t be overlooked. With all cards considered I would give this card a rank of four as well.

Hungry Flames

This is by far my favourite burn spell printed in the last few sets. Yes, this card may be situational but in limited your opponent should almost always have a creature to target with this burn spell. Five points of damage for just three mana at instant speed earns an easy rating of 4 in my book. If only we could see Lightning Bolt in standard again we might have a burn spell with a rating of 5.

Fatal Push

No explanation needed for this card. Read any spoiler information about Aether Revolt and you will find this card. This card would be a 6 on my scale, it is just that good.

Implement of Examination

This was by far my favourite when it came to the Implement cycle. Being able to be activated at instant speed was huge to my decision. Plus who doesn’t like drawing cards, especially in limited where you might only have one of a card that you need to win the game and are digging to get it. This card would earn a rating of 3 on my scale.

A huge part of drafting is being able to read the signals of the other drafters and going in the most open colour in your draft pod. Yes black and white are very strong colours in this set but don’t sit down and force them. If you get fed lots of strong blue cards roll with it. Still the most important thing is to have fun. Another writer for MTGCanada is known for always saying its fun to win but its more important to have fun and this could not be more true. Drafting is meant to be a fun format so just relax and you might find that things go more smoothly and you might even do better with less pressure on yourself to perform the best.

I hope that this guide helps you prepare for any drafts you might be attending this launch weekend and in the future with Aether Revolt. Thank you for taking the time to read my article and all of the other great ones that can be found on MTG Canada. Until next time, best of luck in taking your game to the next level. I also would love to hear from you whether it be feedback on my article of a list that you would like me to look into. You can send any questions or feedback to and I will get back to you as soon as possible.