November 27, 2017

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Ixalan Season – Puzzle #9

Welcome back to Possibility Storm, the weekly MTG puzzle series available exclusively through MTGCanada and

We have another mythic in store for you this week. Keep your eyes open, there may be more than one response that you’ll have to keep in mind.

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Think you’ve got it? Check your answer against the solution below:

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  1. Cast Harnessed Lightning targeting any of our own creatures. As it resolves, choose to deal no damage and collect three energy.
  2. Cast Siren’s Ruse on our Chaos Maw. When it re-enters the battlefield, put its ETB trigger on the stack and, retaining priority, use Spontaneous Artist to give it haste, then pass priority once that ability resolves.
    Here’s where we run into some possibilities, since our opponent can decide whether or not to pay 4 life to use Adanto Vanguard‘s ability while Chaos Maw’s ETB is on the stack in order to keep a blocker alive.
  3. If they do not pay 4 life, Chaos Maw’s ability resolves and destroys all creatures except itself. Raptor Hatchling‘s Enrage triggers, and we can use our Disallow to prevent the token from being created, and swing in for a lethal 6 through an empty board with our Chaos Maw.
  4. If they do pay 4 life, we get priority again, at which point we should Disallow Chaos Maw’s ETB. We are left with three attackers, a 2/2, a 6/6, and a 3/3 trample, against three 1-toughness blockers. Since our opponent is at 2, any way they block will result in lethal damage.
  5. Celebrate a terrific Ixalan season! Thanks as always for all your enthusiasm and support!


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