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February 28, 2019

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The Art of Magic: Building Your Deck

There has been a lot of discussion over what makes someone a good Magic player. Some say that the deck makes the player, some say it's how the deck is played. Others go as far as to say that dedication to the brand and flavour is the way to go. It's all subjective because the fun of the game comes from so many things. I can't tell you how to enjoy the game. What I can do is give you some tips on...

January 28, 2019

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Adventures in Standard: To Arena or Not To Arena

Over the course of the beta period for Magic: Arena there's been some talk about a few topics. That's especially true now that it's clear Wizards of the Coast plans to pour a big investment into eSports, mainly featuring Arena. While people are focused on old clients and supported formats, I had a thought over the course of this week. What's the best way to play Standard? Paper, MTGO, or Arena?...

November 2, 2018

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Standard Izzet Phoneix Version 2 Magic Arena – Cinott MTG

Welcome all to my weekly MTG Arena Video series! Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I'll have a new video ready to watch! This week I'll be posting two videos with deck techs and games for an Izzet Phoenix. Each is setup a little differently. Let's see how each one does! This is Version 2 of the deck where is leans more towards red card drawing spells. Let me know in the comments below if there...

May 15, 2018

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Diving into Dominaria Draft with Arena!

Hey there everyone, I've been writing a lot of articles about Modern for the last while but I wanted to expand my subject matter. I've been having a lot of fun with Magic: the Gathering Arena lately and have decided to take advantage of the fact that the BETA testing non-disclosure agreement period is over. Ever since Arena came out I've basically stopped playing Hearthstone. I still enjoy...

March 27, 2018

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Building Standard on a Budget

This week I want to talk budget deck building, and how you can get into Standard for a lot cheaper than you might think. The first thing that most players realize when trying to break into Standard is that deck centre pieces tend to be a little on the expensive side. Take , for example. She is a whopping $25.00 a piece. As someone who tends to play on quite an extreme budget, I simply don't have...

March 7, 2018

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Challenger Decks: Why They’re Great

2018 marks the start of a lot of changes for Magic the Gathering, and Challenger decks sit at the forefront of some of the biggest ones. If these Challenger decks are any indication, these changes are definitely for the better. Replacing Duel Decks, which started to lose their taste after Wizards stopped including Planeswalkers in them, Challenger Decks fill the same role in a different way....

March 5, 2018

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Adventures in Standard: Go Long With Fling

Have you ever been so angry at your opponent that you wished you could have just beat them over the head with their own board state? Well do I have some good news for you, because now you can! In fact, not only can you smash your opponent with their own stuff, but you can throw your cards straight at their face with this new deck. How? Well it's all thanks to a little card named . It's kind of...

February 27, 2018

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10 Budget Versions for Commander: Ramp

Don't you hate it when you're trying to come in under the budget you've set for yourself in deck building, but the key ramp cards for your deck are all busting your cash limits? This article will give you the original, out of budget card for Commander and then provide you with one or more examples of some cheaper options that will still provide much (if not all) of the functionality of the...

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