December 9, 2014

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Comparing Miracles

If you’ve been watching the legacy tournaments, or if you’ve been flattering me by reading past tournament reports, you might notice that there are two very different builds of Miracles recently posting strong finishes. We have Joe Lossett (TEDitor's Note: Ron's not-so-secret crush) playing what he calls Cheater Miracles, but which you might also see referred to as Legendary Miracles, and we...

November 9, 2014

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Tournament report: FDB Duel for Duals tournament

Duel for Duals @ FDB in Gatineau The prize pool included one of each revised dual, and it was a pretty fun event to attend. Fortunately, this one went a bit better for me than the last event, and I had a few unfamiliar and interesting matches. If you read my previous tournament report, you’ll note that I considered playing a main deck over a . I decided I wasn’t yet ready to commit to it, and...

October 31, 2014

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Tournament Report with UWr Miracles

This past weekend I found the time to get out to Gatineau to hopefully pick up a couple byes for the upcoming GP in New Jersey, something on many players’ minds right now. If you’ve ever played magic against me in any format, it should be no surprise that the deck I brought to the table was the staple control deck of the format, UWr Miracles. After some testing throughout the week I had made...