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Top 15 Canadian Pro Point Leaders 2015-2016

Pascal Maynard 39 - Pro Points
Alexander Hayne 38 - Pro Points
Jacob Wilson 31 - Pro Points
Paul Dean 28 - Pro Points
Ricky Chin 25 - Pro Points
Jon Stern 22 - Pro Points
Shaun McLaren 19 - Pro Points
Samuel Tharmaratnam 19 - Pro Points
Dan Lanthier 17 - Pro Points
Lucas Siow 11 - Pro Points
Omar Beldon 10 - Pro Points
Rich Hoaen 9 - Pro Points
Andrew Van Leeuwen 9 - Pro Points
Nicholas Beland 7 - Pro Points
Tyler Blum 7 - Pro Points
PlayerEventFinishPro Points
Anctil, KevinGrand Prix Quebec City 201523rd2
Anderson, RobertPro Tour Oath Of The Gatewatch250th3
Angulo, EnriqueGrand Prix Vancouver 2016141st1
Auger, MaximePro Tour Battle For Zendikar158th3
Auger, MaximeGrand Prix Quebec City 201548th1
Aw, RolandGrand Prix Vancouver 201644th2
Ayalde, FrancisGrand Prix Vancouver 2016165th1
Baker, RyanPro Tour Oath Of The Gatewatch326th3
Barnett, StephenGrand Prix Oakland 2016182nd1
Beland, NicolasGrand Prix Quebec City 20158th4
Beland, NicolasPro Tour Oath Of The Gatewatch358th3
Belanger, MaximGrand Prix Quebec City 201529th2
Beldon, OmarGrand Prix Quebec City 20152nd6
Beldon, OmarGrand Prix Pittsburgh 2015154th1
Beldon, OmarPro Tour Oath Of The Gatewatch215th3
Benn, AdamPro Tour Battle For Zendikar353rd3
Benn, AdamGrand Prix Quebec City 201537th1
Bennett, GavinGrand Prix Seattle-Tacoma 201530th3
Bennett, GavinGrand Prix Oakland 201682nd2
Bennett, GavinGrand Prix Vancouver 2016124th1
Berry, MikeGrand Prix Vancouver 201649th2
Besta, KevinGrand Prix Vancouver 201691st2
Betit, Jean-FrancoisGrand Prix Quebec City 201525th2
Blum, TylerPro Tour Battle For Zendikar109th4
Blum, Tyler Grand Prix Madison 201529th3
Boutet, PatrickGrand Prix Vancouver 2016104th1
Boutin, NathanielGrand Prix Quebec City 201520th2
Boyer, Luc-AlexandreGrand Prix Quebec City 201565th1
Brounstein, JeremyGrand Prix Vancouver 2016110th1
Buchin, RobbyGrand Prix Vancouver 2016138th1
Carr, ColinGrand Prix Vancouver 2016178th1
Chan, JamesGrand Prix Vancouver 2016123rd1
Chi, BenjaminGrand Prix Quebec City 201533rd2
Chin, RickyPro Tour Battle For Zendikar6th18
Chin, RickyGrand Prix Quebec City 201514th3
Chin, RickyGrand Prix Pittsburgh 2015201st1
Chin, RickyPro Tour Oath Of The Gatewatch202nd3
Ching, MichaelGrand Prix Vancouver 201630th3
Churchill, SamGrand Prix Vancouver 201662nd2
Clay, EllisGrand Prix Vancouver 2016167th1
Cunningham, JeffGrand Prix Vancouver 201627th3
Darlington, KennyGrand Prix Vancouver 201680th2
Davoudi, ManiGrand Prix Vancouver 2016129th1
Dean, PaulPro Tour Battle For Zendikar4th22
Dean, PaulPro Tour Oath Of The Gatewatch81st6
Dery, JonathanGrand Prix Quebec City 201530th2
Dizon, MarcelGrand Prix Seattle-Tacoma 201521st3
Dizon, MarcelGrand Prix Vancouver 2016161st1
Erickson, ChrisGrand Prix Vancouver 201676th2
Fiset, MaximeGrand Prix Quebec City 201522nd2
Fisher, ElliotGrand Prix Vancouver 201635th3
Fleurant, JasonGrand Prix Oakland 2016202nd1
Fleurant, JasonGrand Prix Vancouver 201624th3
Fraser, LeeGrand Prix Vancouver 201622nd3
Gareau, PhilippeGrand Prix Quebec City 201526th2
Gareau, PhilippeGrand Prix Pittsburgh 2015100th2
Gauthier, Martin-EricPro Tour Battle For Zendikar355th3
Gifford, SeanGrand Prix Vancouver 201656th2
Goldfarb, DavidPro Tour Battle For Zendikar260th3
Gonzalez, KevinGrand Prix Vancouver 2016127th1
Goresht, DanielPro Tour Battle For Zendikar302nd3
Gray, TylerGrand Prix Vancouver 2016159th1
Groom, JeffreyGrand Prix Quebec City 201532nd2
Guite, ElyGrand Prix Quebec City 201558th1
Harabas, ChrisGrand Prix Quebec City 201556th1
Hayne, Alexander2015 World Championship14th7
Hayne, AlexanderPro Tour Battle For Zendikar24th10
Hayne, AlexanderGrand Prix Quebec City 201510th3
Hayne, AlexanderGrand Prix Pittsburgh 201558th2
Hayne, AlexanderGrand Prix Vancouver 2016131st1
Hayne, AlexanderPro Tour Oath Of The Gatewatch16th12
Hayne, AlexanderGrand Prix Detroit 201511th3
Henry, BrentonGrand Prix Quebec City 20159th3
Hewitt, ChrisGrand Prix Vancouver 20167th4
Hill, DavidGrand Prix Quebec City 201561st1
Ho, EugeneGrand Prix Oakland 201685th2
Hoaen, RichPro Tour Oath Of The Gatewatch266th3
Hoaen, RichGrand Prix Beijing 20151st6
Holness, DevaghatGrand Prix Quebec City 201542nd1
Huska, AndrewGrand Prix Vancouver 201632nd3
Hutchinson, CharlesGrand Prix Vancouver 2016113rd1
Hyde, HiroshiGrand Prix Vancouver 2016118th1
Jeffery, BenGrand Prix Vancouver 201645th2
Jeffery, JonGrand Prix Vancouver 2016157th1
Kaspar, KendallGrand Prix Quebec City 201564th1
Kirby, ScottGrand Prix Vancouver 2016190th1
Kwok, EllisGrand Prix Vancouver 201639th2
Kwok, Gavin KGrand Prix Hong Kong 201521st1
Laflamme, SebastienGrand Prix Quebec City 201534th2
Lam, TonyGrand Prix Oakland 2016122nd1
Lam, TonyGrand Prix Vancouver 201623rd3
Lansche, DerekGrand Prix Quebec City 201516th3
Lanthier, DanPro Tour Battle For Zendikar222nd3
Lanthier, DanGrand Prix Quebec City 20151st8
Lanthier, DanPro Tour Oath Of The Gatewatch79th6
Latendresse, MichelGrand Prix Quebec City 201541st1
Lau, LaurelGrand Prix Vancouver 2016191st1
Leahy, NicholasGrand Prix Quebec City 201535th2
Leclair, OliverGrand Prix Vancouver 201663rd2
Lee, MichelleGrand Prix Oakland 2016191st1
Lee, MichelleGrand Prix Vancouver 2016172nd1
Leedham, BryanPro Tour Battle For Zendikar310th3
Lloyd, JamesGrand Prix Vancouver 201637th3
Lo, JeffersonGrand Prix Vancouver 201654th2
Ma, GeoffGrand Prix Nagoya 2016340th1
Macdonald, DylanGrand Prix Vancouver 2016151st1
Mackinnon, PaulGrand Prix Seattle-Tacoma 2015129th1
Magalhaes, EdgarGrand Prix Quebec City 20156th4
Magalhaes, EdgarPro Tour Oath Of The Gatewatch267th3
Man, KeesonGrand Prix Vancouver 2016160th1
Maynard, PascalPro Tour Battle For Zendikar276th3
Maynard, PascalGrand Prix Quebec City 20157th4
Maynard, PascalGrand Prix Indianapolis 201555th1
Maynard, PascalGrand Prix Atlanta 201526th3
Maynard, PascalGrand Prix Pittsburgh 201573rd2
Maynard, PascalGrand Prix Mexico City 20161st8
Maynard, PascalPro Tour Oath Of The Gatewatch7th18
Mcclenaghan, DavidGrand Prix Quebec City 201531st2
Mclaren, Shaun2015 World Championship7th8
Mclaren, ShaunPro Tour Battle For Zendikar40th7
Mclaren, ShaunGrand Prix Seattle-Tacoma 201591st1
Mclaren, ShaunPro Tour Oath Of The Gatewatch315th3
Mcleod, LewisPro Tour Battle For Zendikar266th3
Miller, ColinGrand Prix Seattle-Tacoma 2015127th1
Miller, ColinGrand Prix Vancouver 201694th2
Moir, BenGrand Prix Quebec City 201552nd1
Moir, BenPro Tour Oath Of The Gatewatch230th3
Mok, WilsonGrand Prix Seattle-Tacoma 2015106th1
Moulton, JesseGrand Prix Quebec City 201547th1
Mulcahy, LukePro Tour Battle For Zendikar140th3
Mulcahy, LukeGrand Prix Indianapolis 201571st1
Mulcahy, LukeGrand Prix Vancouver 2016152nd1
Mulcahy, Luke Grand Prix Madison 201561st1
Murray, KincaidGrand Prix Vancouver 201636th3
Newton, JoshuaGrand Prix Vancouver 2016188th1
Norman, AlistairGrand Prix Vancouver 2016139th1
Noworaj, AndrewGrand Prix Quebec City 201528th2
Orr, MichaelGrand Prix Vancouver 2016174th1
Ostrem, JordanGrand Prix Vancouver 201683rd2
Paquette, AeoGrand Prix Vancouver 20166th4
Pare, JeanmichelGrand Prix Vancouver 2016180th1
Pauloff, NickGrand Prix Quebec City 201560th1
Peterson, SeanGrand Prix Vancouver 201651st2
Pickell, JoelGrand Prix Vancouver 201641st2
Pickett, AlastairGrand Prix Seattle-Tacoma 201570th2
Pine, MichaelGrand Prix Quebec City 201517th2
Porath, AaronGrand Prix Vancouver 2016155th1
Potter, DougPro Tour Oath Of The Gatewatch216th3
Powell, JoshGrand Prix Seattle-Tacoma 201597th1
Price, AaronGrand Prix Vancouver 201655th2
Pringle, ShaunGrand Prix Seattle-Tacoma 2015133rd1
Reid, JeremyGrand Prix Quebec City 201544th1
Repta, JoelPro Tour Oath Of The Gatewatch261st3
Richardson, JustinGrand Prix Quebec City 201518th2
Robinson, DenysPro Tour Battle For Zendikar257th3
Robinson, DenysGrand Prix Pittsburgh 2015160th1
Rochette, AlexGrand Prix Quebec City 201538th1
Rosenpurcell, BenjaminGrand Prix Vancouver 2016135th1
Roulston, PaulGrand Prix Seattle-Tacoma 201585th2
Saiki, RobertGrand Prix Vancouver 2016140th1
Salahub, NelsonGrand Prix Seattle-Tacoma 201584th2
Saucier, DavidGrand Prix Quebec City 201557th1
Schwarz, MichealGrand Prix Vancouver 2016175th1
Shivji, QailGrand Prix Vancouver 201679th2
Simard, PhilippeGrand Prix Quebec City 201555th1
Simms, Matthew SGrand Prix Quebec City 201563rd1
Siow, LucasPro Tour Battle For Zendikar45th6
Siow, LucasGrand Prix Quebec City 201524th2
Smith, ChrisGrand Prix Vancouver 2016168th1
Smith, RobertPro Tour Battle For Zendikar188th3
Smith, RobertGrand Prix Vancouver 2016125th1
Stan, RobertPro Tour Oath Of The Gatewatch161st3
Steier, TerryGrand Prix Seattle-Tacoma 201554th2
Stein, MathewGrand Prix Quebec City 201545th1
Stern, JonGrand Prix San Diego 201514th3
Stern, JonPro Tour Battle For Zendikar20th10
Stern, JonGrand Prix Vancouver 201618th3
Stern, JonGrand Prix Mexico City 201615th1
Stern, JonPro Tour Oath Of The Gatewatch115th4
Stern, JonGrand Prix Detroit 201530th1
Stevenson, JamesPro Tour Oath Of The Gatewatch374th3
Stewart, DavidPro Tour Oath Of The Gatewatch387th3
Su, BrianPro Tour Battle For Zendikar177th3
Talbot, AdamGrand Prix Vancouver 2016111st1
Taverner, ThomasGrand Prix Vancouver 2016185th1
Taylor, ClintGrand Prix Vancouver 2016106th1
Thai, BrianGrand Prix Vancouver 201620th3
Tharmaratnam, SamuelPro Tour Battle For Zendikar12th12
Tharmaratnam, SamuelPro Tour Oath Of The Gatewatch60th6
Tharmaratnam, SamuelPro Tour Oath Of The Gatewatch60th6
Thibeau, MarkusGrand Prix Vancouver 2016171st1
Thomas, EvanGrand Prix Vancouver 201611th3
Toma, JesseGrand Prix Vancouver 2016101st1
Tondreau, JasminGrand Prix Quebec City 201543rd1
Traikov, ErikGrand Prix Vancouver 2016143rd1
Turchansky, ZakGrand Prix Vancouver 201692nd2
Ueda, JayGrand Prix Vancouver 201671st2
Van Leeuwen, AndrewGrand Prix Pittsburgh 201546th3
Van Leeuwen, AndrewPro Tour Oath Of The Gatewatch279th3
Van Leeuwen, AndrewPro Tour Oath Of The Gatewatch279th3
Vanbrabant, KaylaGrand Prix Vancouver 2016184th1
Victor, AdamGrand Prix Quebec City 201539th1
Wang, SamGrand Prix Vancouver 2016148th1
Wasson, John PGrand Prix Quebec City 201551st1
Watkins, TimGrand Prix Quebec City 201546th1
Whelan, StephenPro Tour Battle For Zendikar156th3
Wilson, JacobGrand Prix San Diego 201513th3
Wilson, Jacob2015 World Championship12th7
Wilson, JacobPro Tour Battle For Zendikar46th6
Wilson, JacobGrand Prix Indianapolis 201572nd1
Wilson, JacobGrand Prix Pittsburgh 201565th2
Wilson, JacobGrand Prix Oakland 201667th2
Wilson, JacobPro Tour Oath Of The Gatewatch128th4
Wilson, JacobPro Tour Oath Of The Gatewatch128th4
Wilson, PeterGrand Prix Quebec City 201562nd1
Winrob, AaronGrand Prix Vancouver 201675th2
Winterbottom, BenGrand Prix Vancouver 201634th3
Wong, BennyGrand Prix Vancouver 2016149th1
Wong, JoeGrand Prix Vancouver 201685th2
Woolley, TylerGrand Prix Seattle-Tacoma 201558th2
Yamasaki, ShogoGrand Prix Nagoya 2016297th1
Yang, Xiao YuGrand Prix Vancouver 201626th3
Yao, ChrisGrand Prix Vancouver 201629th3
Young, BradGrand Prix Quebec City 201559th1
Yu, YonghuanGrand Prix Vancouver 2016126th1
Zafra, MarcelGrand Prix Oakland 201668th2
Zafra, MarcelGrand Prix Vancouver 201614th3