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Sunday – Day 3:

1:35pm – Check out a Card Analysis of some of this biggest players this weekend, here!

12:55pm – Chapin and Wraptor are on to the semis!

11:00am – The quarterfinals are underway! We’ve already seen Wraptor take down Stanislav, and Chapin is down a game versus Jamie Parke! This top 8 is incredibly diverse, with new faces and some veteran pros. It’s bound to be exciting – and with all of these mid-range decks, we can expect some games to go long!

Saturday – Day 2:

7:55pm – Sammy T has drawn in to a likely Top 50 appearance! Congrats! Unfortunately, Brian Liu and Morgan McLaughlin were paired together for the last round. Good luck to both of you!

Decklists and testing information will be going up tomorrow! If there’s anything you’re interested in specifically, let me know!

7:20pm – Results for round 15 are in! Only one more to go. Sammy T is looking for a Top 50 or better finish at 10-5! Good luck!

6:55 – Sammy T wins his match to move to 10-5, which nearly locks up a cash finish! Tyler Blum also wins his match and is at 9-6. Just one more round left!

5:40 – Team scores are in – Brian Liu and Sammy T are sitting at 9-5 with only 2 rounds to go. Sounds like money to me!

5:20pm – A few thoughts.

I’ve been watching games in between coverage – and so far the card I’ve been most impressed with is Doomwake Giant. At 5-mana, it may never see the light of day in current standard – but with Elspeth, Sun’s Champion tokens and Brain Maggots flying around everywhere, the -1 effect has really swung games. Just some food for thought.

5:10pm – Brian Liu moves to 9-5 “Just cast Elspeth.. plus plus plus, kill you”

4:25pm – Only 3 rounds left! Sammy T, Tyler Blum and Brian Liu are all at 8-5. The board states this format is producing are intense!


3:20pm – Brian Liu defeats his opponent .. or rather, his opponent defeats himself – by flipping 2 consecutive Prognostic Sphinx off of Pain Seers trigger!

3:05pm – Even I trigger Eidolon of Blossoms


2:10pm – Break time is over – Time for 5 rounds of Block Constructed!

1:20pm- Brian Liu drafted this beast of a deck to take out Craig Wescoe and 3-0 the Pro Tour Day 2 Draft! Congrats!

liu 3-0

Hero’s Downfall, Phenax, God of Deception and triple Grim Guardian! Wow!

happy liu

12:10pm- Brian Liu managed to defeat Ari Lax and move to 6-4. Rob Gillespie drops his match as does Sammy T and Tyler Blum (admittedly to LSV). Round 3 will be starting up shortly!

11:40am – I had a run-in with Liliana Vess.. I attempted to ask some questions, but was scared off when all she would say was “Your Pain Is My Pleasure”

Liliana Cosplay

Check out more of her Cosplays on DeviantArt and by following her on Twitter @cspranklerun!

11:30am – The team has their hands full this round – Tyler Blum is taking on Hall of Famer Luis Scott-Vargas and Brian Liu is facing down Ari Lax!

11:00am – Team scores are in – Gillespie, Blum, Denno, Liu and Mclaughlin win their matches! Gillespie has begun his run for Top 8! Only 7 more wins to go!

10:35am: – Sammy loses to Kai, but Tyler Blum manages to win his match! Rob Gillespie appears to be ahead, but the board state is a mess! Stay tuned!

9:40am – While the players draft, lets take a look at some of the breakout/defining cards of Day 1!

9:05am – Players are sitting down for the Day 2 Draft! Good luck to all our Day 2 players (even if they’re not all awake yet)

day 2 team

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Friday – Day 1:

9:40pm – And Day 1 has come to an end! Congratulations to Robert Gillespie, Sammy T, Sebastian Denno, Tyler Blum, Farand Lee, Brian Liu and Morgan McLaughlin for making Day 2! Final scores for day 1 can be found by scrolling down! See you all tomorrow!

9:20pm – Team MTGCanada showing support as McLaughlin plays for Day 2!

2014-05-16 21.56.12

8:30pm – It’s been a long day, but we’re finally at the final round before the cut to day 2. 12 out of 13 team members are still in it to win, and both Rob Gillespie and Sammy T are sitting nicely at 5-2!

7:05pm – Had a nice “Media Break” Round 7 begins now!

6:10pm Robert Gillespie has locked up Day 2 at his first Pro Tour, beating up the U/W Heroic deck with Kiora, The Crashing Wave. Apparently targeted Fog is effective versus a deck that often relies on pumping up one big creature!

5:00pm Player update! Farrand Lee leads the team at 4-1. Robert dropped his match to Brian Kibler after some mana issues and Sammy T defeats fellow Canadian Dan Lanthier with some help from Doomwake Giant

Speaking of Doomwake Giant – Tyler Blum managed to 4-for-1 his opponent after having his hand stripped by several Brain Maggots.. Rough beats for his opponent!

3:40pm Unfortunately, even in large events, teammates sometimes get paired!

friend vs friend

Updates of note: McLaughlin lost a nail-biter to Ben Stark and Gillespie mulled in to oblivion in 2 out of 3 games to lose his first match of the Pro Tour.

LUNCH BREAK – ROUND 4 BEGINS AT 2:45 PM (man I’m hungry)

1:40pm Rob Gillespie manages to take out Pro Tour Champ Craig Wescoe and 3-0′s his pod! More info here

1:20pm Sammy T managed to win out and finish 2-1 after losing the first match, taking out Pro Tour Born of the Gods finalist Jacob Wilson to get there

His weapon:


(blurred card is Vortex Elemental)

According to Sammy, these were the All-Stars that helped him get there


12:20pm Just a quick chat with Elspeth

Ran into Elspeth while watching matches. It turns out she DID survive the battle with Xenagos – but the price to kill a God isn’t cheap.

2014-05-16 12.41.54


11:45am Round 1 Results are in – Drew Christensen, Robert Gillespie and Farand Lee have advanced to the 1-0 Bracket!

2014-05-16 11.12.16

11am – The Players have drafted and round 1 is underway. Good luck guys!

8am – Up and ready to go! Tweet @tedmccluskie with any and all questions. Something you wanna see? I wanna hear about it!


Format: Block Construction
Day One (Friday May 16): 3 rounds of Booster Draft followed by 5 rounds of Block Constructed
Players with 12 points advance.
Day Two (Saturday May 17): 3 rounds of Booster Draft followed by 5 rounds of Block Constructed
Top 8 players advance

  • Raymond

    - – -
    Record: 0/0/0

  • Brian

    Record: 10/6/0

  • Tyler

    Record: 9/7/0

  • Morgan McLaughlin

    Record: 9/7/0

  • Robert

    Record: 7/9/0

  • Sebastian

    Record: 5/7/0

  • Farand

    Record: 5/8/0

  • Qiu Shi Zhang

    Day 1: 245th
    Record: 3/5/0

  • Sammy

    48th Place
    Record: 10/5/0

  • Shaun McLaren

    Day 1: 253rd
    Record: 3/5/0

  • Drew Christensen

    Day 1: 268th
    Record: 3/5/0

  • Kevin Gomez

    Day 1: 283rd
    Record: 3/5/0


  • Kevin Anctil

    Day 1: Dropped
    Record: 0/5/0